Membership Application
  1. This eForm is for the application of HKSI Institute (the “Institute”) Membership. Retention and use of the data collected adheres to the policies outlined in the Personal Information Collection Statement. Please read it carefully before submission.
  2. Applicant should also read the Membership Rules (the “Rules”) carefully prior to application. The Rules can be downloaded from the Institute's website here.
  3. Please have the following electronic documents on hand to complete the eForm.
    Applying for Ordinary Membership (MHKSI) / Associate Membership (AHKSI)
    1. graduation certificate(s) or academic transcript(s) certifying the conferred degree(s); or
    2. supporting document(s) certifying the industry qualification(s) awarded; or
    3. supporting document(s) demonstrating the recognised membership(s); or
    4. curriculum vitae or business card.
    Applying for Student Membership (UHKSI)
    1. student identity card with expiry date; or
    2. academic transcript issued by a recognised higher education institution, preferably dated within ONE month before submission of membership application; or
    3. testimonial issued by a recognised higher education institution, preferably dated within ONE month before submission of application; or
    4. any other relevant supporting documents.
  4. Google Chrome is the recommended browser for completion of the eForm.
  5. The eForm must be completed within TWO hours. No data will be retained after system time-out.
  6. Information provided and the preference indicated in the eForm will supersede existing personal setting on the Online Portal, if any.
  7. Members are searchable on the HKSI Institute's website, with the option to unlist available on the Online Portal’s “Profile” section under “Personal Particulars”.
  8. Application will not be processed unless payment is settled. If a submitted application is withdrawn or rejected, refund will be arranged after deducting a non-refundable administrative fee (current rate at 40% of the applicable joining and annual subscription fee). The Institute reserves the right of final decision.
  9. Please visit our website for the available payment methods.
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